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For our valued foreign clients we perform all the necessary activities required for establishing a company in Slovenia. We can also advise you on the most efficient method of conducting business in Slovenia so that your company is compliant with Slovenian legislation and therefore cost-effective. We provide assistance with:

  • Obtaining a tax number for the director or the company
  • Establishing a company
  • Establishing a subsidiary
  • Legal details regarding how to do business in Slovenia via a foreign company
  • Drafting or reviewing of contracts with Slovenian partners
  • Preparing employment and other contracts
  • Incorporate a company or arrange a consultation please contact us.


Establishing a company and obtaining a single permit for residence and work in Slovenia:

Step 1 – Obtain tax ID number (a tax ID number is required for the legal representative of the company)
Step 2 – Establish company (either personally or by power of attorney (POA))
Step 3 – Obtain a single permit for residence and work in Slovenia (Based on a higher education of a foreigner or Based on an active business)

Documents needed:

  • POA valid for all above mentioned purposes and procedures (notarised and translated)
  • Completed and signed form to obtain a single permit for residence and work
  • Notarised copy of the passport
  • Photograph of a foreigner
  • Employment contract (original)
  • Extract from a judicial record of a country of origin (certified translation with Apostille)
  • Proof of an adequate education (certified translation with Apostille) or proof of an active business (certified translation with Apostille)
  • Proof of obligatory health insurance (original, in Slovenian)
  • Statement regarding an accommodation of a foreigner


business services in SloveniA

We offer a further range of services:
  • PO BOX (Incorporation Adress) services,
  • Translation,
  • Accounting,
  • HRM,
  • Administrative services,
  • Permits and Aplications)
via our reliable and professional partners, thereby providing our clients with a one-stop shop for business services in Slovenia. This means you can save time and effort by dealing with only one point of contact regarding a wide range of services.
In addition to legal and tax services, we also provide high-quality accountancy and translation services, and court certified translations. We provide administration services, company postal addresses, arrangement of residence for natural persons and others. Our goal is to provide everything necessary  to facilitate business operations for foreign companies seeking to become established in Slovenia.

We also obtain all necessary permits and other documentation to ensure your smooth business operations in Slovenia.

For further information we invite you to contact us.