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Our team

We know that a comprehensive overview and viable solutions are important in business, and that partial and fragmented knowledge of individual fields is incompatible with quality. Every legal transaction has tax consequences and vice versa. So we decided to combine knowledge from the various legal and tax fields with which a modern company needs to be acquainted to ensure a smoothly running and successful business operation.


Our management team's professional knowledge and rich practical experience are integral to the ongoing development of this modern and innovative legal firm. We seek the optimum legal and tax solutions for our clients and provide a high-quality legal basis for their companies, thereby enabling their uninterrupted growth.


The JK Group law and tax office brings together experienced legal and tax advisers, who provide comprehensive advice and services and a high degree of legal certainty for our clients through the exchange of knowledge from different fields. Legal certainty is the key competitive advantage of our company, and guides us in our everyday work.

We go the extra mile for our clients.

We offer more than just a legal and tax consultancy, because we help our clients to find suitable business partners and arrange the various other essential services necessary for the smooth running of business operations in Slovenia (accountancy, human resources, translation, virtual office).

This is how we build our long-term relationships and mutual success with clients. We believe that with our work, ideas and concern for the best interests of our clients, we substantially contribute to their success and remove obstacles and distractions so they can focus on what is important; their business.

Our Clients:

Our services are not for everyone. Our time is limited and we wish to cooperate with companies which employ positive people who want to venture into new areas of opportunity, expand, change and improve the business environment ... We thus reserve the right to decline cooperation with companies and individuals who do not share our values, and thus save our time and effort for those who want to make a change.

We particularly wish to work with forward-thinking, innovative and visionary companies, and provide them with legal and tax advice. We wish to be an important part of a company and remove the legal barriers on its route to success.

What is special about how we work:

Our philosophy: prevention is better than cure. What does that mean? It means that we are proactive. We provide preliminary advice, prepare contracts and make plans to avoid lawsuits or the imposition of fines. If these do occur, they can be resolved swiftly and at minor cost to the company.

Unlike what we might call curative tactics, when a lawyer is hired only after problems have already arisen (somebody is threatening a lawsuit or refuses to pay, an inspection results in a fine etc.), our approach is more cost-efficient for the company and allows the management to focus on growth rather than have to deal with such stressful problems.

Our cooperation with companies is thus long-term, and we become good friends with many clients, working together through good and bad.